7 May
Guaynabo, PR

Position Summary               

The Project Superintendent is responsible for all on-site field operations. The Project Superintendent is to direct, coordinate and supervise the activities of all the trade groups and subcontractors and suppliers found in a specific project.  Responsibilities include making sure that the work progresses according to schedule, that material and equipment are delivered to the site on-time and that the activities of the various workers and trades do not interfere with one another.  The Project Superintendent is the sole keeper and enforcer of the project's logistics set forth by the Project Manager and the Project Engineer

The Project Superintendent is required to document all of the project's information regarding status, compliance or non–compliance with schedule and budget, progress reports, situations and problems, and possible changes to scope using DDD Group's established procedures and forms.

The Project Superintendent is responsible for keeping all project inventory of materials, tools and equipment using the company's policies and procedures.  Quality assurance and quality control in day to day operations are part of the PS responsibilities

Primary Duties


  • Monitor progress schedule and raise flags of possible problems or delays.
  • Plan all work activities with sub-contractors and ensure a coherent and logical work schedule.
  • Supervise and monitor DDD personal and subcontractors to ensure project remain on schedule.
  • Coordinate and organize material deliveries to achieve continuous workflow.

Field Operations

  • Supervise DDD personnel and subcontractors to ensure compliance with project drawings' specifications and Schedule.


  • Request on-time requisitions of materials and/or resources, in order to maintain proper documentation and coding of work to be done, if within budget.
  • Supervise and coordinate deliveries to meet project needs using provided material and deliveries requisitions.

Inventory Control

  • Control material deliveries, approve receipts and notify to suppliers and central office of any problems encountered with any deliveries. 
  • Coordinate proper storage and proper installation in order to avoid miss use or material loss.
  • Damaged materials, returns, replacements and repairs issues.

Quality Control

  • Verify material the delivered materials complies with drawings and approved submittal.
  • Supervise and ensure all work done by subcontractors meet or exceed quality standards.
  • To ensure all documentation to be sent to the Central Office complies with company regulations.
  • Prepare and report project As-Build drawings


  • Supervise proper use of company equipment
  • Coordinate daily equipment inspections and Request maintenance services to equipment department
  • Document equipment failure, damage, loss or status

Secondary Duties

  • Theft issues
  • Maintain Redline Requirements 

Key Responsibilities


It is the Project Superintendent's responsibility to ensure that work is executed as per the established schedule and identify any critical path activity that may affect the project.

  • Monitor work schedules on a daily basis to be able to raise red flags on time and take appropriate corrective actions in order to avoid any delay in future work. It is the responsibility of the Project Superintendent to maintain the project schedule on time and inform the Project Engineer or Project Manager immediately of any situation that may affect the project adversely.
  • Plan all work activities with the subcontractor's representatives, on a weekly basis, to maintain a coherent and logical work schedule, and to avoid interference between the different subcontractors' work activities. The Project Superintendent will supervise these activities by directing the subcontractor's foreman or representative. It is also the Project Superintendents responsibility to plan all of DDD's crew work activities. It is important that work activities are plan in such a way that a safe work environment is maintained at all times.
  • Supervise and monitor the work performed by the different subcontractors to ensure their compliance with the contract schedule. The Project Superintendent will monitor the staffing levels and productivity of the various subcontractors to maintain the logistic of the required activities and avoid interruption in the project's progress. Non-compliance by any subcontractor must be addressed immediately and reported to the Project Engineer and/or Project Manager.
  • Coordinate and organize required materials and deliveries to the job-site for on-time delivery.


The Project Superintendent is responsible for understanding the project's established budget by maintaining an accurate inventory of the materials and resources (equipment & labor) needed and used on the project.  It is essential that the Project Superintendent maximize productivity in order to reduce labor costs.  PS is responsible to control labor expenditures as stated in project budget. The Project Superintendent must inform the Project Engineer and/or Project Manager of any expected changes to the established quantities with enough time to be able to make the appropriate adjustments and/or changes to the budget. The Project Superintendent's responsibilities regarding the project's budget include but are not limited to:

  • On-time requisition of materials and resources needed so that the progress of the project is not affected, using the established company's policies and procedures.
  • Control on-site labor costs and keep track of time in and time out of all employees.  Must codify and confirm with Project Engineer all DDD on-site staff.
  • Coordinate the delivery of such materials and resources so that it is received when needed. A too-early delivery might bring cash flow /storage problem, a too-late delivery might delay the progress of the project.
  • Verify all materials and resources received on-site, against a PO or receipt, for quantity and specifications.  Always maintain an open communication with the Project Engineer regarding remaining budget for the Purchase Orders.
  • Coordinate the installation and use of materials and equipment to prevent misuse, theft, damage and/or shortage. The theft and damage of any material or equipment must be reported to the Project Manager immediately.
  • The Project Superintendent must help verify and quantify productivity and materials in the project to assist the Project Engineer in verifying subcontractor's certification for payment.
  • An accurate on-site inventory and the proper coordination with the Purchasing Department of the materials and resources needed and/or used will help in the successful tracking and management of the project's budget.

Quality Control

The Project Superintendent's main responsibility regarding quality is to ensure that work is executed as per relevant building codes, contract specifications, and drawings. It is our responsibility to deliver a product that complies with the Owner's requirements and expectations, and within the design specifications.

  • In the absence of the Project Engineer, hold subcontractor meetings to inform of job-progress, deliveries, quality requirements and any other relevant items. 
  • Attend Project Meetings with owner and Architect, to be scheduled by Project Manager.
  • Ensure that all DDD Personnel follow the standard company's policies and procedures such as proper uniform and attire, proper safety equipment, job-site cleanliness at all times and proper behavior during construction.
  •  Required to be first one on the job and last one off the job.  Responsible for supervision of all employees at all times.  Cannot leave project unattended.
  • Daily inspection of work to verify that it is executed as per contract specifications and drawings. The Project Superintendent must verify quality of work and dimensions daily to be able to raise red flags on time and avoid any delay in future work. The Project Superintendent must take weekly photos of the project's progress and any other picture deemed relevant.
  • Ensure that any required test is performed on time and complies with the quality assurance specified in the contract documents.
  • Whenever a specification or contract drawing is revised, the Project Superintendent must verify it to ensure that the corresponding subcontractors are complying with the new instructions.
  • Verify submittals approved by Architect to ensure that materials are installed as per the specifications approved. It is the Project Superintendent's responsibility to verify quality, quantity and method of installation of such materials, and inform the subcontractor of any discrepancy in a timely manner.
  • Supervise and monitor the work performed by the different subcontractors. Verify their compliance with contract drawings to insure that any future work by any other subcontractor will not be affected. Non-compliance by any subcontractor regarding the contract drawings must be addressed immediately as not to affect any future work or the quality of the product delivered.
  • Responsible for on-site safety of all project activities.  Must follow OSHA guidelines and those established by DDD and state and federal regulations.


  • Material and Equipment tracking and inventory.
  • Daily Construction Reports
  • Request for Information to discuss with Project Engineer and/or Project Manager before submitting to Architect.
  • Weekly time-sheets of all job-site employees.
  • Petty Cash weekly reconciliation with receipts
  • Subcontractor Meeting Minutes
  • Coordination Meeting Minutes.
  • Weekly photos.

Key Skills

  • Good planning and administrative skills.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership and supervision skills.
  • Ability to meet tight schedules and cost targets.
  • Ability to work under pressure


  • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Architecture highly recommended


  • Minimum of (5) years of job related experience.
  • Experienced in construction supervision and inspection.
  • Knowledge of local building codes and regulations

Salary Range

  • Varies with experience, seniority & performance